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Useful information on the first Birkenstock footwear

Most people are aware that the path obtaining good health may often not be the most comfortable journey. For instance, most people may experience pain and soreness when they first experience the foot massage. Nevertheless, this uncomfortable feeling is undoubtedly solid evidence of improving health.

Along the same principal, you may also experience the strain and soreness when you first try on Birkenstock footwear. Your feet will need to adapt to the ergonomic form of Birkenstock footbed. This process will help your feet maintain their natural form by evenly distributing the strain over the entire foot, and supporting every step of the walking motion. After a week’s wearing, the footbed will mould into the same form as your feet, making you walk more relaxing and comfortable.


  1. To best adapt to your first Birkenstock footwear, we would recommend increasing your wearing time gradually each day.
    1st day – 2 hours
    2nd day – 3 hours
    By increasing the wearing time by an hour everyday for the first week, the comfort level will increase substantially in a week’s time.
  2. We suggest wearing a thick pair of socks will help to minimize the initial strain during the first week.
  3. Regarding the model of Boston, you may feel tight to wear at the beginning. We recommend you to loosen a grid buckle, and put the socks on while you are wearing the Boston. You will feel more comfortable once your feet have adapted the footbed.